ASAP empowers law students across the country to support their local election officials and ensure a functioning democracy.

William & Mary Law students founded the Alliance of Students at the Polls in advance of the November 2020 election in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to mobilize law students across the nation to get involved in the electoral process.  In 2020, the organization focused on developing a national network of law students to recruit and train a new generation of poll workers.

Through the dedication of election officials and the thousands of citizens who stepped forward to work the polls, the 2020 election proceeded smoothly with a historic turnout rate. But 2020 prompted a new focus: the confidence in our system of elections.  To address this concern, ASAP is refocusing its efforts to educate the public about the mechanics of election administration, seeking to demystify the election process and provide information and resources that help Americans understand the checks and balances built into the electoral process in every state. To this end, ASAP aims to mobilize law students nationally to create a 50-state compendium to help the public understand election safeguards in their state; how ballots are counted, audited, and certified; and which actors play rolls in the process. Additionally, ASAP is working to create resources for students, educators, and community organizers to help raise election administration awareness and transparency and to continue to encourage a new generation of voters, poll workers, and election officials.

ASAP is dedicated to ensuring free and fair elections and raising public awareness about how citizens can both get involved and have confidence in election administration. As we work towards increasing public knowledge about the fairness and security of elections as they exist today, ASAP aims to help build trust in U.S. elections and encourage every voter’s participation on Election Day.